Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cup of Dolce

Tully's coffee is a Japanese Chain. There are plenty better places for coffee or food... plenty. But Tully's is everywhere in Kyoto and it isn't bad for a quick sandwich and a cuppa if you are in a hurry or stuck somewhere without a real cafe! And it opens earlier than real cafes so if you are catching a train in the morning it isn't a bad option. 

What I do love is seeing what concoctions they come up with each season - this pic is from around this time last year.... what will be on the 'Fall' menu this year? I was disappointed with this selection as it wasn't particularly festive  (what no chestnut latte or pumpkin frappuccino....? ) but I like the sentiment all the same!  A cup of dessert... Strawberry cheesecake, Tiramisu latte, Soy Chocolate Gateau!

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