Saturday, February 12, 2011

Edition Koji Shimomura - Tokyo

Just add water. A pill like oshibori comes to life. (This would have been pretty cool if it hadn't reminded me of a feminine hygiene advert )

mini burgers of prociutto with melt in the mouth parmesan chips
dish of the night goes to oyster with oyster cream and seawater jelly
layers of earthy, sweet beetroot jelly, carrot cream and uber fresh uni (sea urchin) -superb
fish in kataifi with a broccoli puree and preserved lemon sauce
roasted lobster with the most intensely perfumed truffles and a duck skin dust over the greens - er yum
Duck with rare spring vegetables -the green pea like veggies at the front are a type of potato
not sure about blue cheese and banana....
creamy, stinky, funky, festering socks  - excellent
meringue, lemon jam, celery
lychee, coconut, pineapple foam layers
chocolate water and chocolate mousse made with olive oil
mont blanc with passionfruit curd
avocado cream with grapefruit and sansho


  1. hahaha @ feminine hygiene product! the avocado cream sounds interesting for a dessert!

  2. the avo cream was actually very refreshing... This restaurant specialises in lighter style 'French' (fusion) cuisine using less cream, butter etc. It was mostly very good but give me cream with my chocolate over olive oil any day ( it has never really done it for me - but, having said that this version used a very mild, fruity oil that worked well ).
    At the end of the day if I want a 'healthy' dessert I will grab an apple. If I am paying $300 per head for dinner gimme the goods. The oyster, uni and lobster were definite standouts.