Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mayumi's Kitchen

My friend Mayumi is a natural born cook and a wonderful source of foodie information for me. I'm constantly picking up hints and tips about recipes and Japanese food culture. Mayumi was taught how to cook from an early age by her mother - a tradition that has been dying out in Japan over the last few decades.  

Recently I was invited to a wonderful dinner with her family and she allowed me to snap away at some of her creations.  Tempura of early spring vegetables, a huge chawan mushi,  kaki furai (fried oysters),  furofuki daikon and tofu with homemade miso, daikon greens with chirimen and umeboshi,  yuba donburi and pickles.  Heaven. 

After which we retreated to a cosy room upstairs (where Mayumi performs tea ceremony for friends and spends quiet time sewing together the most gorgeous crafty projects - this lady is truly talented in the home arts!) for coffee and a custard cream pie baked by Myong Hee!

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