Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okuoka - yuba lunch おくおか

I am mad for nama yuba - fresh soy-milk skin. Its like the thin layer of stuff that forms on top of milk when it boils - only non dairy... and much more delicious. It is possibly one of the most unattractive foods I have eaten but it tastes like heaven.

Kyoto - the land of quality soybeans and water so pure it blushes  - where tofu is king and yuba its queen.  There will be more on yuba - both fresh and dried - in the new book so I won't prattle on here but if you are in Kyoto and up for trying a local specialty (not to mention a food rarely, if ever, found outside Japan - well except in private homes perhaps...) then get yourself to OKUOKA on Higashioji dori - a few minutes walk south of Shijo on the western side of the street.

The sashimi, rice, fried nama fu ( wheat gluten) with miso, pickles etc were all fresh and flavoursome and the course was really well priced - plus its a fun experience making the yuba yourself. Friendly staff  - very welcoming of Gaijin. More info on the EDK ( Eat Drink Kyoto) website through which the lunch was organised. They are a food passionate team who regularly gather local and visiting foodies to eat, drink and do Kyoto! Thanks Sally and Eric.


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