Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cafe Independants - Kyoto

A good, central meeting point for a quick drink before heading elsewhere or mulling over a magazine with a coffee but sadly, the food is underwhelming. I suspect the menu is a little challenging for the folks doing the cooking.... Having said that the place is welcoming to foreigners  (there were several mingling in small groups on this visit) and I think there may have even been an English menu ( but don't hold me to it)... If you do eat there stick with the more simple fare. 

The address is Gokomachi Sanjo, 1928 Bldg B1F. 11:45am-midnight
If you are on the Sanjo arcade walk west for a few minutes and it is on your left hand side (south side of the street)


  1. it certainly looks cosy & quaint...pity the food isn't great. dayle

  2. yeah gbf tis a pity. I will give the food another shot when I am back and see if it has improved. I would definitely return for drinks... I had actually been warned by several people that the food was not so flash, I ordered anyway to make up my own mind. Sadly had to concur.