Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cupping Room Cafe - Soho NYC

 Its a good thing that the Cupping Room is so cavernous as it was pumping on several occasions when I walked by ( and while it looks empty on this occasion - it certainly filled up very quickly). Although there were a few locals huddled in a corner bar area there were a significant number of travellers (which made sense as there isn't a huge range for breakfast in that particular part of Soho and its likely that more than just my hotel had recommended it) - which resulted in a a slightly touristy vibe - which I usually try to avoid. However the room was charming enough to distract me. 

I only managed to squeeze in a breakfast but I did eye off the cake stand for a little longer than I probably should have. Especially the red velvet cake... it looked like it might be worth returning for... ah well, one day.  The brekkie was decent enough- and the coffee ok. A fuss free joint, perfect for when you just need to get in and out again - the service and food all happened pretty quickly and painlessly and it opens earlier than many other places in the area.  

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