Sunday, October 16, 2011

What the Puck?

After flying through a hurricane I'd arrived in New York City late in the evening, my luggage was lost and the twin room I'd booked for a friend and I turned into a cosy queen bed situation. Jetlagged, with 3 hours sleep, and unimpressed with the start I was less than enthused about the timing of my meeting the next morning at the Soho branch of Le pain Quotidien...

(A healthier alternative to some of the other breakfast offerings around town and just what one needs after a 28 hour flight.... the food is mostly organic and light - but if you are doing coffee make sure you ask for a double shot  - as is typical in the states the coffee here is fairly weak)

The potentially scary and overwhelming brunch meeting was relaxed and fun, turning into a bit of a girly wander and shop so we could have more time discussing possible projects.... which meant a late afternoon snack and a cocktail of course.   Balthazar was packed so we wandered up the road to what looked, from the outside,  like a dodgy British style pub and I did think for a moment, hmmm.... not sure if I can be doing business with this lady-but she was so on the money.   Any brief lapse of faith had been restored.

Puck Fair is a friendly joint with plenty of beer if thats your thing, great cocktails at reasonable prices and simple but excellently executed grub. 
I ordered a couple of sliders - one with pulled pork and a smokey sweet homemade bbq sauce and the other a mini burger with tender, flavoursome beef, cheese and relish - they were both smashing little buns! We were off to a good start on what would be a gastronomic couple of weeks. 
I also imbibed a Ginger Fizz - highly recommended. Gin, ginger liqueur, prosecco and candied ginger.


  1. How good is Puck Fair?! Love it!

  2. Shan the man! Puck Fair rocked! I didn't know that you had been there - was it on the list you gave me??