Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Dutch - NYC (and a wee tipple at The Red Bench Bar)

Please allow me to start by saying that time has not been on my side lately and I am way behind on my posting...  I hope you will therefore forgive me for making the next few entries rather brief while I catch up on myself.  I will jot down the basics only so if you have any questions please feel free to fire away. 

OK - what you need to know about The Dutch is... its GOOD! Food, drinks and atmosphere all lovely. It probably helped that I had the company of two great chicks - including the gorgeous Maggie B from Eat Boutique who suggested the restaurant. Thanks Maggie - you rock!! And have very fine taste in food. If any of you know her you will already have garnered that via her fabulous food work - just wish she delivered to Japan!!. You can find out a bit more on her good self here.

Good mix of patrons. Not pretentious. Friendly informed staff. Good grub. 
and fine cocktails - I recommend the Miss Elliette...

Ripper little side of cornbread mini loaf (now don't quote me on this but I am pretty sure it was complimentary - nice touch - but it was damn delish' either way)

Smokey Eggplant dish - aka Baba Ghanouj with crisp spiced wafers
Fried Oyster sliders
tender, sweet, luscious ribs with hoisin
Dressed Crab with bloody Mary and greed goddess dressing
Beets, smoked egg, apple and horseradish
Sea Scallops, sweet corn, bacon and chipotle
Kick-arse desserts - Sticky Apple Cake, toasted pecans, apple sherbet - looks great - tasted better. 
Autumn Sundae - sublime. Frozen yoghurt, concord grape sorbet, baklava, figs, rosemary granita - brilliant!

I only wish we'd had room for the the Devil's food cake with black pepper boiled icing, fudge sauce and white Russian ice cream ....mmmm

Of course the night wouldn't have been complete without a digestif. The walk home lead us past the very dark and mysterious Red Bench Bar and we simply couldn't help ourselves... just a quiet nightcap...
Nighty night...;)

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