Sunday, October 30, 2011

GRAND TASTING - Food Network NYC wine and food festival 2011

Just a few snaps showing how New Yorkers set up a food n wine tasting.  Very professional.

From my POV the tickets were a little exxy for this kind of event but it was tied into a charity (curiously on helping feed the underprivileged... Eat.Drink.End Hunger.) so it felt ok...  I think. I guess it was one method of making punters consider food generally and the lack thereof for many -  compared with the over indulgence we were witnessing.  A certain guilt factor couldn't help but creep in.

Being in the business of food, we get to try plenty of it on a regular basis, so for us this particular event wasn't overly exciting but the general public were really getting into the tastings and the demonstrations by some well known US tv foodies so it was great to see it was interesting and fun for them.

And the quality of the food available was excellent.

If you wanted to get seriously sloshed this would be the place to be for the day... the amount of alcohol being spruiked was insane - there was plenty of wine of course but the variety of flavoured spirits was almost as flabbergasting as the literage! Think wedding cake liqueur (fruits and marzipan) - the bottles dressed in pearls and Pineapple upside down cake  - a combination of cake and pineapple flavoured vodkas...
Of course there were also alcohol free beverages available - juices, soft drinks, coffee etc oh, and the odd model to help you make your choice ...

Once we'd had our fill inside it was time to get out into the glorious sunshine and enjoy a superb food-free New York Sunday afternoon...

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