Monday, February 6, 2012

105th Annual Kyoto Cuisine Exhibition

That's right - 105 years and still going strong. Every December  - around the 13/14th the Kyo-Ryori Association organise this fantastic 2 day event. It is a must see for visitors to Kyoto who are interested in traditional Japanese cuisine. You can even taste the wares of some of the local restaurants for a small additional fee - vendors, plus tables and chairs, are set up at the back of the hall(Kyoto exhibition Hall in Okazaki park near the Heian Jingu/Shrine) - dishes on display and ripe for the picking! 

I recommend going on the first day if you want to take pictures as by the second, some of the food which had been so beautifully displayed ( and somehow preserved to look as fresh as possible for as long as possible) were starting to sag a bit... however they, strangely, didn't smell offensive...

There are maiko dances and cooking demonstrations at regular intervals

and the fair maidens even stroll the hall afterwards ( with their minders) and you can have your picture taken with them if you ask nicely!

(thanks Maiko san!)

 You can also witness a whole Tuna being sliced and diced by a master swordsman!  Some local products such as Kyo-yasai (renowned Kyoto vegetables) sake, mirin, miso, nori, foot spas and Fukushima preserved baby peaches... etc were for sale.... The last two might sound a bit random however the produce from Fukushima was on display and for sale alongside the visual food offerings specially constructed by Kyoto foodies in homage to the people of Tohoku.... we did try the tiniest taste of the baby peaches and they were sensational... but have to admit we declined to purchase a whole packet....

(famous Kyoto veg!)

And without further ado - here's a small sample of the culinary offerings for your viewing pleasure....


  1. Now this is not something see in Sydney's northern beaches!! Love the flowery meat slices! xo

  2. I love Japan so much!!!!! Great photos!