Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Witch Brownies

3 words for you   - BEST BROWNIES EVER!
OK - so you have to go to NYC for em but hey...  
I transported this neat pack home to Kyoto with me and froze the little critters. I shared some with my mate Tad who is known to be a brownie aficionado - and he gave them the big thumbs up. I saved the best one for myself (of course) - the caramel witch.. I heated her up in the microwave  (reluctant as I was to place a poor witch into any oven...) and OMG... soooo warm, gooey and mmmmmm.  If I had easier access to these beauties I would never bake again. 
Find the witch at Chelsea Markets!  If you are in NYC - do yourself a favour and go grab a baker's dozen!

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