Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gallery Hitamuki West

Quick tip - this is one of my favourite places in Kyoto for buying unique and very reasonably priced art - also known as tableware. The gallery has a constantly changing display of stunning works from various local ceramists - and you will often find metal , wood or glass work too. 

I can't resist popping in each time I walk by to see what their latest offerings are.... fortunately I have been out of town a bit lately or I'd have spent money I don't have!!  There are quite a few pieces from the gallery shop featuring in my new book due to release later this year so I will get to show off my 2010/11 purchases then!! Its a costly exercise "propping" in another country then shipping it back to your own but worth it for the visual point of difference. And it will feel great to have that connection to Kyoto in my images when I get to see the hard copy for myself!! Something to flick through a few years down the track and remember my time living a dreamy life in Kyoto town. Ah! enough gushy rambling... back to work Jane!

To find Gallery Hitamuki West you need to walk north up Teramachi dori from Oike dori (very close to City Hall). From Oike its only a couple of minutes walk and it will be on your left ( west side of the street).  

Here's a link to their website - just pop it into google chrome for a translation. 

This offering was back in November...   how do I know? because the Camellia were blooming so beautifully ...

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