Saturday, February 4, 2012

Return to Takakura October 2011 (and August 2012)

Takakura never disappoints. You will find more details on this great izakaya HERE. 
For this posts it will just be pics and quick descriptions of the food. 
Yaki daikon and age tofu in sweet dashi
Basashi ( horse ) sashimi
Salmon sashimi
Ohitashi of shungiku (edible chrysanthemum leaves) and kiku ( yellow chrysanthemum flower)
Crab and cucumber with dashi jelly and shiro-ae and ginger
Hamo (conger eel) Karaage with roasted salt
the menu...

dobin mushi of aromatic matsutake,ebi and ginko
Nama fu (wheat gluten) with ankake
Tori Saikyo yaki 
sato imo grilled with soy and shichimi with cucumber, pickles and mugi moromi miso ( a hearty, rustic miso made with the mash from shoyu/soy production  - this time with barley)
Tai miso ochazuke ( tea over rice and fish)
Fans left as calling cards by geiko/maiko who visit the premises... a seal of approval!

And here we are again in August 2012  - Takakura in any season, even in summer when the Kyoto weather is barely tolerable - in fact, eating at Takakura would have to have been one of the highlights of summer 2012.
sashimi with refreshing garnish including kiku - chrysanthamum petals
A stunningly refreshing salad with tofu dressing and dashi/vinegar jelly - and lots of shiso flowers.
It was 2 years ago but I think this was Hamo (conger eel) katsu and it was FINE!
Rare duck breast, shishito and spicy mustard
 I think this may have been a fresh fig and cucumber salad (I really shouldn't leave it 2 years to add pics)
Rare beef and vegetables
ooh - I can't forget this one - fresh corn kakiage - unreal!

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