Monday, October 1, 2012

And the winner is....

It is 01 October and as promised I am about to reveal the winners of Zenbu Zen competition no. 1. 

But before I do so... may I please take a moment to thank everyone who entered the competition. It is not the easiest thing to look at where you would be if you truly followed your heart.  Actually it can be downright scary - I know this both first hand and now via those who entered the competition and felt compelled to also express how daunting it was to look at where they were "at" in life  -but, thankfully, they also shared with me what a lovely challenge it had been and how it had helped them to focus on the direction in which they wished to 'travel'.... 

I am blown away by the generosity of spirit. It is so joyous to hear other people's stories and connect with like minded souls - either people who have indeed already followed their heart in some way or are about to do so - or, at the very least, thinking about it for the future.....  if you have never ventured forth you really can't imagine what might be out the other side.  When you take this kind of leap of faith and are open to "whatever" happens you are well reminded that life is full of surprises... 

OK - now back to the task at hand.
It really was so bloody difficult to choose just two but without further delay here are the winners and their responses to the question

"In 50 words or less please tell me  - if you truly followed your heart – where would it lead you?"

Heather Loudon 

"I would create a space to nurture and extend people's creativity and the spiritual pursuit of feeling alive and doing things they love. I would sit in the eye of this wonderful situation and enjoy the benefits of being around people living passionately and be enriched and inspired by it."


Jacq Ellem

"It would lead me home, to people and places that I adore. It would leave me to write more than commercials, to love unequivocally and smile at the world... At least I can smile at the world now, one down just a few more to go :)"


Congratulations to both Heather and Jacq who have already been informed of their win. Both kindly gave me permission to share their entries.  

Stay tuned - details for competition no.2  - up next!

Cheers, Jane x

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