Monday, October 1, 2012


I woke at 3:30 am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I lay in bed for about half an hour before deciding I'd be better off getting up to do something constructive.  I was filled with an inexplicable nervous energy. 

Then it twigged - it is the 1st of October and my book Zenbu Zen launches today!

It feels a little surreal and I'm somewhat relieved to know its out there in the world while at the same time nervous about official reviews and how it will be received by readers.  It is a toe in the water for me to write in this style - the book is a personal narrative through which related recipes,  information on Japanese cuisine and culture and my very own photographs of Japan have been intertwined - all stitched together by a gorgeous Reuben Crossman design and complimented perfectly with the stunning food photography of Cath Muscat.  

I am so privileged to have this 'journal' of my Kyoto life in such a form - not your average keepsake.  I truly hope that anyone who reads the book feels like they have joined me on my journey,  if only for a few moments, as one dips in and out of the story. And if Zenbu Zen inspires people to travel to Japan, particularly to where my heart is - in Kyoto - then I will be a very happy girl. If you haven't already had the opportunity I hope that you are fortunate enough to one day make it to this magical place to experience and "feel" it for yourselves.

I'd love to hear your feedback when you get the chance to take a peek at the book and better still when you have had the opportunity to dive in a little deeper..  Feel free to drop me a line here and of course if you have your own Kyoto stories to share with me or my blog - we'd love to hear them! 

Jane xx

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