Saturday, October 27, 2012

PSST !! Have you heard about EATLOVE??

If you haven't you need to go immediately and check out the site - it is packed with free recipes and other foodie tips and insights from top Australian chefs and food writers (and a few well loved international foodies too like Tessa Kiros!). It has just launched and is looking schmicko!

More and more content will be added in the coming weeks and months and my prediction is that it will  snowball into one of the most useful recipe sites around - the bonus being that all the recipes are triple tested with many of them straight from your favourite chef's own book or restaurant.

There are a bunch of very cool chefs on board already including Neil Perry, Luke Nguyen, Adriano Zumbo, Peter Gilmore, Frank Camorra, Leanne Kitchen, Rosa Mitchell, Matthew Evans, Nino Zoccali, Darren Purchese.... and cough... MOI of course! And that's just the beginning!

So PLEASE jump over to my page and follow me - and some of those other "celeb" chefs if you really have to.... but most importantly MEEEEEE if you like my stuff  -because I don't have a TV show or my own restaurant or mind-blowing store of sweet goodness to tie my name to so I really need your help not to look like Neddy-no-mates!!  But mainly because - I really want to share my love and knowledge of foodie culture and recipes with as many people as possible - "sharing is caring"!

So please help me out if you can by joining the Eatlove family and following my page. Very shortly there will be free, yes that's right - FREE recipes from my other books such as Yoshoku and Snowflakes and Schnapps!

Here's the link to my EATLOVE page. Go on  - do it now!!
Pretty Please.....

Jane xx

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