Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apple Bar - Bilpin

A little while back I posted about the stunning Mt Tomah Botanical Garden and suggested that if you were in the area you would, basically, be a fool if you didn't travel a further few kilometers to the wonderful Apple Bar - serving up some of the best food in the greater Blue Mountains area. (in fact it is my current pick - no-where else compares at the time of writing).
I've very much enjoyed lunch here on two occasions and had it not been for some of the better heeled clientele I would have greedily licked the plates. Punchy flavours are consistent across the menu and  the expertly cooked wood fired pizzas and grilled numbers are a highlight ( in an already very well lit bunch!). 
Both the menu and venue sport a relaxed yet elegant, modern-country style and the talented, established chef-owner seems to be cooking the kind of food I imagine he'd really like to eat and doing it very well. I think of it as really freakin' great home cooking.  A chef's home cooking perhaps.... It's simple but bloody good - using sublimely fresh and quality produce.
A definite crowd pleaser. Well a crowd that appreciates really good grub.   (a bit like this bloke below....yet another happy customer who very  much enjoyed his snags).

And who can pass up some cinnamon spiced churros with chocolate parfait style ice cream and dark caramel sauce to finish with??  We were really full but couldn't say no and wow - it hit the spot we didn't even know we had. 
All this damn fine nosh is supported by some great local ciders, beers and wine. In fact they have a full licence so even if you want to stop off for a drink on the way through you are welcome. But I warn you - you WILL want to eat something so you might as well pull up a table! 
The Apple Bar is situated in the heart of Apple growing country, hence the name, and they are proud to promote the local product  - and, might I reiterate, a fine selection of boozy apple cider.

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