Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gourmet tour of Japan October 20 -31 2013

I'm more than a little bit excited to announce that I have been invited to co-host, what promises to be, a truly fun & culture-filled foodie tour of Japan !

I met the lovely Sally Lynch of Taste Trekkers about 5 months ago and we hit it off! So much so that she invited me to co-host one of her tours. Who could refuse??  The woman is a hoot!! And besides, it's not like I'd take much convincing - any excuse to return to Japan...

The tour starts in Osaka and quickly scoots on down to Kyuushu - the southernmost of the 4 main Japanese islands where the intimate group will have the opportunity to experience life outside of the bigger, busier Japanese cities and regular tourist areas. After some quality time soaking up country life,  ancient castles and Wagyu we will head north-west to my second home - beautiful, elegant Kyoto. We will spend a few days checking out some of my favourite foodie /cultural hotspots and we'll take a  side trip to my dear friend's rustic sake brewery in the neighbouring prefecture. We may just have to taste some!!

I can't wait! (not just for the sake...). 

Wanna come along???
If so - head directly over to Taste Trekkers and take a peek at the itinerary

Now the first person who BOOKS THIS SPECIAL TRIP after reading this post should let Sally from Taste Trekkers know how you found her. Once that person has paid in full I will send them a signed copy of my latest book "Zenbu Zen - Finding Food, Culture and Balance in Kyoto" published by Murdoch Books in October 2012 - it's the perfect pre trip read! Not that I'm biased or anything.

I so hope to see you in Japan!

Jane x


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