Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet Kyoto

I'm not exactly sure why but I do seem to be on a bit of a sugar trip at the moment. You only have to look at a few of my recent posts to see what I mean.. (eg Wagashi, Gramercy NY in Takashimaya, and my Gluten free banana bread recipe)

I just stumbled across the menu below from an ice cream joint in Kyoto (BEEHIVE). I've been having a giggle at some of the names and flavours.  The Ayers Rock comes with coffee ice cream and kitkats... noice.
The London bridge has royal milk tea ice cream, cornflakes, cashews and whipped cream... go figure

However this is far more enticing as far as I am concerned. Kakigori. Shaved ice with black sugar syrup, rice flour dumplings, sweet red beans, soft-serve ice cream. 
I love the seasonal breads and sweet buns at the local bakeries - below - for spring - note the pretty pinks and greens or sakura (cherry blossom) and green tea

Perhaps a cake topped with breakfast?
 Just a few of my random foodie snaps from the streets of Kyoto - I'll add more from time to time... 

16/9/2014 - well it took me a while to get back here didn't it?... Here's my Kyoto Sweet collection from Autumn 2013.

Autumnal motif sweets from October 2013 above and 2 shots below. The purple numbers directly below are called 'autumn dress' - a type of mont blanc made with purple sweet potatoes.
The baked goods below are all made from sweet potato

Eclairs are in fashion everywhere these days... these are extra long 'baguette' eclairs.
Below are maple walnut flavoured. 
Souffle-pudding in an egg and Rich vanilla custard tarts
Autumn macaron - featuring chestnuts as does the chestnut mont blanc below.
Apple and pumpkin pudding  tart from one of my favourite patisseries  - Giotto  - in Daimaru Department store.

Sweet (and some savoury) breads and pastries also from Daimaru
Sweet breads filled with sweet butter cream, or custard and nuts -so good
For the little (or grown up) princess in your life....

 To be continued.....

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