Saturday, January 15, 2011

Au Temps Perdu

Blink and you will miss this gem of a cafe in Okazaki.  I had walked by about a dozen times and never noticed it until someone pointed it out. And oh my god I am so thankful they did - or am I ? It is a little dangerous living so close by.

 It isn't much to look at, a little tired inside but it doesn't matter because the food is that bloody good. Its only open for lunch. You can stop in for one of several very fine teas or a cup of thick hot chocolate (which I hear is to die for - so I will be back there next week with a bucket!) but they don't do coffee.
I ordered the plate lunch consisting of smoked salmon, green salad, foie gras mousse, an orgasmic quiche  ( melt in your mouth pastry/ creamy just cooked custardy filling), seriously f-ing good bread, pickles and an iced tea with a madelaine. I took home a small raisin studded baba au rhum, split and filled with creme pattisserie and a wafer thin slice of a luxuriously rich chocolate gateaux - both so good they almost made me cry. They had several other savoury and sweet offerings available for take out and I plan to sample more. I know, I know - I have gone all European but after 5 months out of the last 12 eating only Japanese in the name of research I have come over all French and Italian - well why not if they do it so damn well here??  

If you are visiting the Heian Jingu (shrine) and need a break - walk south down Jingu michi and under the Giant red Torii gate where you will find a set of traffic lights.  Cross to the south /west corner of the crossing then head west along Niomon dori and in about 30 seconds you will see it on your left next to a small canal. If there are no tables and chairs outside -it's shut so keep walking another few minutes and on the next corner on your right is the Hosomi museum - the cafe there is not bad either - and they do a pasta set lunch with bread, salad, starter and tea or coffee for around 1500yen - which is about what you will pay at Au Temps Perdu - but I know where I would rather spend my money given the choice. 

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