Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wakuden  わくでん

An unexpected treasure at Isetan Kyoto station. The Wakuden restaurants are proud purveyors of Kyoto style cuisine - both the food and sake, brewed especially for them, are excellent. Fresh and sharp flavours and a view to kill for. Sit at the counter overlooking the city and bliss out.  
Plum and Kombu tea
Buri sashimi with warm ankake poured over the top and lightly pickled vegetables
Creamy saikyo miso with red Kyoto carrot, taro and toasted mochi
Tai grilled with fresh kinome leaves over the top, yuzu jelly knot and pickled daikon "chrysanthemum"
Tataki Gobo - burdock with sesame dressing

Reflection of Kyoto tower
thick dashi with crab, daikon, shiitake, ginger and mitsuba
Tai ochazuke (with dashi instead of ocha over rice) with a chunky miso topping and sansho flavoured tsukadani on the side

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