Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Moon Cafe

What a gorgeous little place to trip over after a day's work. All the cakes and desserts at Paper Moon cafe   are made on the premises by the owner - and are to die for. You can pop in for a slice and an excellent bowl of coffee (mine was a caramel cafe au lait  - with real caramel. I know... girly - but bloody great) or order a whole cake to take away. Seriously sinful chocolate mousse cake/tart, chiffon "keeki" (the Kyoto dessert of the moment) and the specialty of the house a rolled crepe cake with a variety of creamy fillings. 

Mascot "Ocha"   -  a gorgeous champagne poodle is crazy for cuddles and quite the cunning linguist!  And infinitely more welcoming than the chick who was sitting above my shoulder - you can see from below that she quickly looked away when I snapped her photo for evidence of her leering... silent and deadly. Anyone seen Barbarella?? 

(Scroll down on the link for a map - its about a block down South from Oike dori (street) approx half way between Karasuma and Kawaramachi streets)

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