Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chrissy Day with new friends (and one old one as it happens) Kyoto 2010

It was a blissful day with great company, very nice wine (plus liqueurs and umeshu moonshine!) and excellent food - and what's more - I didn't have to cook!! 

Thank you dear Mark for being such a generous host and to Bridget, Tad, Kathy, Peter, Michiko and Paul for being so very welcoming and so much damn fun (not to mention bloody funny)! Thank you also for the gifts of fabulous Aquariel tea and rather appropriate tea scoop (which may or may not become a chopstick rest..). 

I was clearly 'meant to be' at this joyous lunch slash dinner as it reunited me with the sister of a friend I met whilst working in Japan 21 years ago - we are now back in touch after losing contact over a decade ago.  Of all the loungerooms in all the houses of all the billions of people who live in Japan - I run into Michiko!  I'm finding more and more that such things tend to happen in Kyoto.

Just through the genkan Michiko looks straight at me and asks  "Have I met you before?"
Um... I don't think so??

"Did I meet you in Australia?"
Ah... crazy lady - I reeaallllly don't think so - just because I am a blonde haired, blue-eyed aussie doesn't mean ya met me before!

"yeah, you remember Junko??"
Light switches on. Blinding me.

What a moment. It has been close to 20 years but Michiko recognises me instantly. Apparently she has since been away at her parents house for New Year where she "stumbled" across a photo of me from the 90's celebrating a birthday whilst being entertained by a surprise stripper... now they are the photos you hope someone burned.... 

Anyway, a little magic was had on Christmas Day 2010  - I made new friends and found an old one. And have a photo to destroy.. old friends are good like that.

** Tacky red Xmas bling supplied by yours truly

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