Saturday, January 8, 2011

Urbanguild - a multidisciplinary art space

Looking for something a little different in Kyoto town?  Do yourself a favour and check out Urbanguild. Pretty much anything goes as far as performance is concerned.  "Improv" seems to be reasonably high on the agenda which can always be a bit hit and miss but I have been rewarded, during my visits here over the last few weeks,  with some rather unique and enriching experiences.  Spectacular dance - particularly Butoh, paper soundwaves and sensational music including New York based Karikatura who had everyone in the room on fire! The loyal crowd are relaxed and open-minded. Eats are surprisingly good - and very reasonably priced, as are the drinks - all of which make me very happy of course....  You can read more about it here on the wonderfully informative Deep Kyoto blog.

Recently, at the Velvet Moon New Year's special, the multi-talented Bridget Scott (aka world's best best shiatsu therapist) began her piece with traditional Nihon Buyoh in silence before morphing into a mesmerising Butoh - which she performed to the UK based musical recordings of (coincidentally named) "Rabbit"  featuring brother Tom Scott Kendrick on reeds, strings and electronics and David Aylward on drums and percussion.  Brilliant!


  1. I want to be in that room! Have you now turned professional photographer?! Your photos are amazing and inspiring, Jane. xoxo

  2. Ha - you are too kind ms Jessi. Just posting more pics than text at the minute as concentrating on the book writing. Therefore what I do write here (usually quite late at night) tends to be a little on the slack side.... Urbanguild is an interesting place - going there tonight too so will add some more pics. How is life in Sydney town? xx