Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chinese Feast

A quick shout out to Chui from Claudes and Hamish from Bar H - the venue for a cracking Chinese Feast recently.  Excuse the average pics but the subdued lighting and close proximity dining, whilst cosy making, wasn't great for taking snaps. 
Buckwheat pastry and turmeric pickled vegetable.
 These crisp morsels vanished within seconds, washed down with Tsingtao beer. Smashing way to kickstart the evening.

Raw salad of calamari and yam beans.
I have eaten plenty of raw calamari in Japan and it has never been a favourite but this dish was all about exciting but balanced flavour and texture. Every bite was a pleasure. 
Eight treasures of chicken. Sure was.  Tasted as good as it looked.  Dr Loosen Riesling. Win.

Poached beef shortrib with braise of lotus, radish and eschallot.  Served with steamed lotus buns for wrapping the tender beef and sopping up all those meaty juices and a fresh salad of chrysanthemum greens, watercress and celery. Delish.

Homemade tofu with ginger granita. The perfect finish.  
Particularly well married with a Muscat and ginger beer chaser!

If the grub that night was any indication of  Chui's  direction with the new Claudes menu then I will be there in a flash. Wonderful meal guys. Excellent drink matches also.