Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crusty old photos Part 1. A little Taste of Spain - circa 2003

Once again, in cleaning up some old files I came across some images - from a rather basic (but much loved) old digital camera. They are pretty low resolution but still bring back great food memories so I thought I would share. These were taken during and after a culinary tour I did with my very entertaining friend Mr Tony Tan.

 This was my second trip to Spain for research for my book Cocina Nueva - the new Spanish Kitchen (2005).  Its a mixed bunch  - they jump around from Barcelona to Getaria to Madrid to Rioja to San Sebastian to Bilbao. I will add to them as I find more  (wherever they may be!) and label them when there is time.  But for now - here's a little something to get your tastebuds going. 

I will be adding more images from my travels over the next few weeks. Be expecting more from Europe (lots of lovely cold countries which were of course part of my research for Snowflakes and Schnapps) and  China too - just because...

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