Thursday, June 23, 2011

District Dining

Oh just go. Seriously yum. 

 I'm a huge fan of Warren Turnbull's food and his restaurant Assiette (although I don't get there as often as I would like - too many restaurants, too little time...ah the problems of life) so I was rather excited about the opening of his more casual venue District Dining. I wasn't disappointed. Fuelled by great food, several (?) glasses of wine and much laughter we managed to outstay all other patrons... If we'd lingered any longer we would have been ordering dinner  (either that or the waitstaff may have needed to pour us into a cab). It is the kind of place where time can slip away all too easily. I love a menu that encourages grazing and a long leisurely lunch without feeling stuffed to the gills. 

I will, naturally, be back in the evening hours for cocktails and more fabulous share plates - including crispy pigs ear with szechuan salt,  beef chimichangas or pickled veal tongue with salsa verde - oh and dessert of course... 
Crisp school prawns with lime mayo and excellent prawn toast - no brainer
Perfectly seared scallops, Jerusalem artichoke puree, crisp pancetta, prune - great combination of flavours and textures
Crisp zucchini/courgette flower, Kervella goat curd and truffled honey
Lamb rump, caponata, crisp polenta and mint gravy.... mmmm
Carrot salad with salted yoghurt and dukkah  - I could almost turn vego for this
cheese and housemade crispbreads

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