Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sydney certainly has some beautiful vantage points.  Lately I've been enjoying looking around with fresh eyes - funny how living in another country can do that.  Above are a couple of city views from the casino in Pyrmont and from just across the road where we discovered a cute corner cafe.
Cafe XXII does a mean breakfast so if you are staying at the Casino or visiting the area I recommend seeking it out. 

Since my first visit I returned to the area for a meeting and while I was there I checked out their lunch menu - while it didn't grab me as much as their damn fine eggs and coffee - it is possibly one of the better offerings in the area. 
Baguette of pork belly, cucumber, cashews, mayo and tomato jam
Salad of Angus silverside with brioche croutons, spinach and red onion with horseradish dressing

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  1. beautiful photos!!

    i woulnt mind tryig :
    Salad of Angus silverside

    look delsiH!