Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fourth Village Providore

As I promised a week or so ago  - a quick post on the Fourth Village Providore in Mosman.  Very close to Coco on Myahgah Mews (behind the traffic lights at the Spit and Military Road intersection).  

I had no idea this place existed - which is a shame as it is brimming with excellent quality fruit n veg, gourmet groceries, deli items and breads - plus a pretty damn impressive cheese room. Better late than never. 

Sadly they shut me down before I could take too many pics...  
What the photos don't show is a cavernous space packed with just about every ingredient you could possibly imagine needing for a gourmet feast. While some locals refer to the place as "the fourth mortgage" -its all about bang for your buck. Quality ingredients are often exxy. 

The cheese room is a delight. I highly recommend the La Tur below left - made from a mixture of cow, goat and sheep milks it was mild and buttery in flavour,  rich and gooey on the outer layers and thick and smooth in the core. Way too easy to eat.  
The pleasant cafe/restaurant attached was packed midweek lunch with well-heeled locals chowing down on a range of Italian favourites. Pizza, pasta, roasted meats, mixed platters of smallgoods and salads. It isn't cheap but, let me reiterate, the produce is very good.  I thoroughly enjoyed my insalata caprese - full flavoured tomatoes, great bocconcini. And although the avocado isn't traditional it made for a slightly more substantial lunch. I could have done without the caramelised balsamic but it is decent product placement for those who haven't tried it. 


  1. looks very good...i wld love a place like this local to me! dayle

  2. Yeah, not too many places like that around Dayle. Nice to have such a well stocked place close by.

  3. the cheese there looks delish.. is it brie?

    mmh caprese salad with avo... mmhhh

  4. Hey Dolly, no its not Brie but a similar style. It was seriously yum - keep an eye out for it.