Saturday, June 11, 2011

Table Sessions - The Just Quietly Dinner

I'll admit, thanks to the name of this particular table session,  I was dreading one of those "eat in silence" dinners. Thankfully that was not the case  - far from it, there was plenty of chatter and even live music from talented Sydney duo "The Falls".
Guerilla Dining and pop-up restaurants have been gaining momentum in popularity over the last couple of years - hot on the heels of similar movements in international foodie city's such as New York and London. (I'm just waiting for one of those gourmet food trucks to pull up outside my local shopping centre with shellfish tacos,  mole cups and margaritas -  or sliders and nacho dogs...).

 On this early winter's evening chef Darren Robertson took over the burners at Jared Ingersoll's 'Dank Street Depot' and wowed an eclectic group of diners.  You can see the menu for yourself above - quirky, inventive, fresh flavours and considered drink pairings.  I particularly enjoyed the Egg and Bacon dish paired with a truly excellent cider. 

elegant kingfish sashimi, with baby beets, fingerlime and buttermilk dressing slipped down too easily with some very decent sake
dish of the night for me - Egg and bacon - more please.... now, silken, salty, textural, unctuous.. mmmm. The richness cut with this sensational 'Natural selection Theory' cider below
Chocolate sorbet, smoked orange honey comb, cocoa nibs, cookies - hello!...
For info on these fabulous "Table sessions" run by chef Darren Robertson (ex Tetsuya's) go to their website

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