Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lanzafame Trattoria

*update - 2014 - this restaurant is no longer open but you will find John at Mille Vini!

Its a curious thing - you just don't hear enough about John Lanzafame.  I guess sometimes, in this city overcrowded with new eateries, the humble "tratt" can be overlooked in favour of glitzy, uber-designed-spaces showcasing the latest food trends. Which is a shame.  John is a talented, generous and passionate chef,  best-selling cookbook author and good guy with a wicked sense of humour! He also happens to be well respected by his peers  - particularly those who are very highly regarded in culinary circles themselves...

His first book "Pizza Modo Mio" went through the roof  - selling like hotcakes both in Australia and internationally but his skills are far wider reaching than the amazing gourmet pizzas he whips up. Little known fact -  he competes regularly at a very high level in the international culinary olympics.  Yes that is a real thing!!

Burrata, Figs and prosciutto

At Lanzafame Trattoria, John is cooking really moreish, traditional Italian fare (with an occasional contemporary twist) focusing on quality ingredients and FLAVOUR!  From the rustic and hearty to the delicate and refined his food is often the kind you wanna roll around in - and almost too easy to eat.  Expect excellent handmade pasta (he's recently invested in a piece of sexy benchtop machinery to help keep up with the demand) with superb sauces, his world famous pizzas, super-slow-cooked onepots - think beef shortribs cooked for 24 hours, cured meats, imported burrata like that above ( oh my god - sensational) and superb desserts  - try his Tiramisu in a glass (to.die.for).

Freshly made pasta with garlicky scallops, a hint of chilli, parsley and .....caviar - oh my

Grilled to perfection seafood with baby squid cooked in a tomato based sauce

Digestif anyone??
ok , so we were still there when they closed up. But we couldn't let John have an aftework drink on his own could we....? 

Please make sure you say "Hi" from me when you visit - John and his lovely wife Justine are great hosts, you won't be disappointed. 

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