Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Absinthe Salon - Sydney

A recent girls' night out lead me to the Absinthe Salon in Surry Hills. I was not at all expecting such a charming little package. Decked out like a pretty Parisian parlour complete with flocked wallpaper, cut crystal glassware and elegant chairs it really set the mood for a rather civilised affair. Not your standard boozer this one. 

You are advised to book but make sure you plan something else for the evening if you are looking to be out on the town for a while as it is a three drink maximum due to the high alcohol content of the green fairy juice - some of them over 70%. The idea is you start off at the lower end of the scale - around 45% and advance in order to let your taste buds discover the complexity in the drop. 

While all Absinthe has a predominant Aniseed flavour there are many varieties to choose from - all having subtle undertones which could include anything from fresh mint to green herbs to mellow chocolate and coffee. It was a great mini degustation and class in Absinthe appreciation  and it is definitely not a joint to get hammered in unless you have the alcohol tolerance of a cat or my mother who would have been rolling on the floor.  However,  yes you can get a bit of  the old wormwood buzz off a couple of them but it doesn't last too long. 

Check it out at 87 Albion street, Surry Hills, Sydney - (02) 9211 6632 -  it is a fun start or end to an evening.

They also have an online store selling a considerable range of Absinthe and all the paraphernalia for serving it -eg sugar dripspoons, glassware etc. 
As you can see, things were just a little hazy by the time we left....

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