Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mizuya Karaoke Restaurant

A couple of posts ago I talked about a girls' night out at the fabulous Absinthe Salon. 
In fact that night was part of  an hilarious girls' weekend to celebrate my cousin Julie's 40th Birthday. 
Thankfully there was no absinthe hangover so we were able to front up in full force for a long Karaoke lunch the following day. The image above gives a pretty good indication of the level of festivity.... It was FUN!   

For a day time event it ended up being so much more enjoyable than I had anticipated (Karaoke in Oz is usually something tagged onto the end of a booze fuelled night)  - but what surprised me the most was that the food was actually quite decent (in context of course). 
Order via the touchscreen in the wall. If you spend enough money on food and drink your crooning time is complimentary...

 Sushi, Chicken Karaage, Edamame
Takoyaki ( octopus fritters) and Tempura

Lotus chips and Kakuni (simmered pork)
Cheese filled mochi and Gyoza

And after one last slow song from "M'Shell" we headed back to our base at the Casino apartments where the evening began.... and ended. Very late...
Breathtaking view from our room.
The Casino isn't the first place I would think of to stay in Sydney but it was super convenient and the 3 bedroom apartments we booked were very comfortable and well appointed.   The whole area is becoming a lot more user friendly for those who wish to do things other than throw away their money on the blackjack table. There is a pretty little street just across the road from the back of the Casino that leads you to several cafes and there we found a top spot for breakfast  - Cafe XXII  - which I will post about shortly.

You will find Mizuya Karaoke Restaurant HERE.

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