Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hilton Brisbane Food and Wine Masterclass Weekend 2010 and THAT cravat

Yep, more pics from the vault. It seems like an eternity yet it was only 10 months ago...  Although it has been running for some time it was my first attendance of the Brisbane based masterclass. Melbourne, Adelaide, Noosa and now Sydney get a regular going over by myself but for some reason I have always left Brisvegas off the list - I won't be so remiss next time.  

The marvellous Alison Alexander and her team poured every ounce of their energy into the small but excellent festival and as well as being informative and interesting, it was a heck of a good time.  The locals know how to put on a good spread and look after their fellow foodies.  It seems it is usually held every other year so hopefully I can make it in 2012 - keep a look out for details.

OK, so a few snaps to give you a little taste. Above - The incredible energiser bunny that is Mr Adriano Zumbo (see below for his sweet "schnitzel" and 'wagyu' made from red jelly, white chocolate, wasabi peas etc) myself and the divine Mr Luke Nguyen and Below -yours truly with Crack-up McLeod. 
Marty Boetz and Luke Nguyen cook up a storm 
Adriano's "schnitzel" and "wagyu" below - both bizarrely delicious...
Peter Reinhart and his chocolate babka - yeah baby
Nino Zoccali and his pig

Part of Javier Codina's excellent Spanish Feast to celebrate the end of the masterclasses 
.... oh what a night

And what happens when the wine is flowing and Matt's cravat goes walkabout after dinner......
The lady herself - Alison Alexander
Genny san
 Susur Lee
Alastair McLeod
Michael Caines
Lindy san

Ian "Herbie" Hemphill

Monsieur breadroll
Martin Boetz
Pablo Tordesillas
Jenny Soo
Nick Holloway
Mitch Edwards


  1. Very amusing pictures...some very familiar & some not. I know Alison & she is a wonderful organised clever lady...Brisbane would not be the same without her. Looks like you had a great time. Great post. Dayle

  2. Yes Alison is a great ambassador for Brissie. You have some good peeps up there!! looking forward to visiting soon hopefully