Friday, May 20, 2011

Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2011

Each of the Australian Food and Wine Festivals offer something unique but I have to say there is something very appealing about strolling out of a session and onto the beachfront just a few metres away. Noosa really is a particularly beautiful patch of the eastern Australian coastline, the weather is gorgeous in May and the vibe is always very relaxed (well at least for those not cooking or presenting!).  It is the one festival where people take along their families and tag a couple of days onto the weekend in order to spend some quality time together - something that is often lacking in a chef's life. 
Yoshihiro Narisawa, Carlo Cracco, Tetsuya Wakuda and Matt Preston above with Tets, Matt, Andre Chiang, Ben Shewry and Mark Best below talking food trends and cracking themselves up over Michelin Stars v's the San Pell top 50.
On the far right is the gorgeous Fiona Nilsson - group publisher of food titles at News Limited with her sister and friend
The urban cook himself - Mr Mark Jensen
Matt ("I know I'm cute but what about the baby?")Wilkinson with newborn Finn 

Shin Maeda from Sake Restaurant and Bar in Brisbane with Lindy Thompson

The gorgeous main beach at Noosa complete with yachts, surfskis, sandcastles and sunsets.

Sandcastle lit with candles and the most sensational sunset ....

Javier Codina, Lindy T and Pablo Tordesillas

Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans
Simon Thomsen
Larissa Dubecki
Necia Wilden and John Lethlean
The lovely Simon Marnie

The restaurant reviewers panel or perhaps.. as Simon puts it - "Australia's most wanted"

Jana Frawley discussion traditional versus social media, also joined by John Lethlean and Fiona Donnelly below

Lady Lizette of the Warialda Belted Galloways with Lindy T

From Creations de Narisawa in Tokyo - Chef Narisawa accompanied by Shin Maeda from Sake Restaurant and Bar Brisbane


  1. great run through of an action packed weekend... love all the beach images! fabulous. dayle

  2. Thanks Dayle. Yes I was a little taken with the beach - I haven't had a summer in the last couple of years so it was nice to be reminded how lovely a warm afternoon watching the ocean ebb and flow can be! did you get to the festival at all?

  3. hi jane hope you don't mind i just tweeted this post & i think i found you on twitter? dayle

  4. Of course I don't mind - go for it! I don't normally use twitter but I did check to see where the link came from - thanks!!

  5. That candle-lit sandcastle is absolutely gorgeous. Beauuuutiful photos!

  6. Thank you! it really is a beautiful part of the world. Something so magical about a candle lit sandcastle. Fairytale stuff. Makes you feel like a kid again- imagination flowing. They were, however, passing round the hat for those who wished to take pics....

    1. thats the best way to support artists!