Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deep Kyoto

Recently the lovely Michael Lambe
from Deep Kyoto asked me to contribute a handful of my Kyoto images to his website. 

Click here for a peek and a little insight into why I chose (with great difficulty) a particular five out of tens of thousands of photographic files.... 

Thanks Michael!!


  1. For a non photographer Jane these images are stunning, they capture for me the feeling of snow in the most beautiful and quiet way, even the speeding taxi as it leaves behind the perfect foot prints. You are an inspiration to me. Can't imagine how you finally arrived at these 5, taking the complex and refining to the simple essence of how you feel about winter in Kyoto, no simple task, thank you, just breath taking. Genny x

  2. Dear Genny, I think I might need to start paying you!!! what lovely words - thank you. Yes, very difficult - I didn't get to search through ALL my images ( many of them are off limits as are needed for the book) but it was quite the trawl and more than a few hours of confusement - hence going for a "theme".. rather than random shots. Thank you, thank you. I hear I might see you soon?? xxxx