Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coco (gogo!)

Whilst waiting to pick up my laptop from the doctor recently I had bit of a gander around Mosman and was surprised to see quite a change from the last time I had cause to be in the area. This gorgeous chocolate shop (did the name Coco give it away?)  is tucked away behind the main intersection at Spit Junction in a tiny precinct known as the Myahgah Mews.  The small triangular shaped pocket houses a couple of fab boutiques, cafes and food stores including the cavernous and delectable Fourth Village Providore (or '4th mortgage providore' as the locals have nicknamed it... I say - its worth paying decent money for quality product and will post on my visit later).  
Coco is the brainchild of Aussie woman, Rebecca Knights-Kerswell, who opened her first store in the UK before returning home to open a couple more. The chocolate is excellent (and yes I am qualified to determine this fact being a discerning chocoholic) and comes in a fantastic range of flavours (many of which I managed to sample in one afternoon!) using organic and quality ingredients. 

Pretty bars of Dark chocolate with Rose and Black pepper, Orange and geranium,  Tobacco, or Cardamom and Cinnamon. Milk chocolate with Lime and Coconut,  Caramel, pinenuts and sea salt (oozing with liquid caramel), Lavender.   White chocolate with Cranberries and spice or  mixed berry and vanilla bean - you get the idea...   The choice is extensive and all tasted were Deeevine.

English style rose and violet creams, Truffles, Pralines,  Nougat, Candied rose petals, Scorched almonds - I could go on.... but instead I urge you to either visit one of their stores as fast as your feet can get you there or take a look at their website - they even have an online store. Dangerous.

Coco's  packaging is printed with unique, commissioned artwork turning the already sensational chocolate into the most stunning gifts. 

The Mosman store is a treasure chest filled with the mingling aromas of cocoa, spices, roasted nuts and natural fruit and flower essences. And it is all sooo girly and lovely. 

Luscious triple Choc dipped cherries soaked in kirsch for 6 months - ooh yeah.

Chocolate flakes are mixed with fine cocoa for making the same luscious hot chocolate you can enjoy at the store. The drinking chocolate comes in a huge range including chilli, nutmeg and white chocolate with lemongrass, lavender and vanilla.

Go on - give yourself a little winter treat and pop over for a fabbo hot chocolate or a coffee to get you started then spend some time perusing the store - it is small but JAM-PACKED and I promise you every time you turn around you will find something new to sniff or taste!  It really is like one of those old fashioned kid in a candy store experiences. Only better!


  1. I need to know this place! Keep the local finds coming, Jane ;-) xoxo

  2. It is great Jess - you need to go check it out. xx