Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bobo - NYC

Getting straight to the point -the food here didn't really stack up compared with most places I ate in NYC however it is a gorgeous setting so if you aren't really all that fussed bout having a completely gastronomic experience and are happy to nibble on something very simple while you sip your drink -  then go here for the atmosphere. The  decor, including that in the bar downstairs is really delightful as are the cocktails!!. I have to stress that I did eat some phenomenal grub while in town so it probably isn't fair to compare them ALL against each other...  and I am a particularly harsh judge anyway sooooo.. make up your own mind.  It just wasn't my cuppa tea.  My friend enjoyed his burger but my skate was under-par and really quite mushy in texture which was a little off-putting. The rest of the meal, salad, arancini etc were fine. 

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