Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crafty Kyoto-ites

It would be an understatement to suggest that Kyoto has more than its fair share of extremely talented crafts-folk. Every day I walk by something stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, considered, elegant, intoxicating. This can of course occur within 10 metres of my front door (  I often admire new and small details in the things I see on a regular basis) but it is always wonderful to stumble across a place or thing I haven't noticed before in my travels. 

It is a total score to find a small room housing an artisan focused on whittling away a miniature masterpiece -be it hand-made paper, an intricate lantern or even delicate traditional confectionery and it is always exciting turning into the doorway of a shop full of lovely modern handicrafts or other artistic creations. If only to admire.   

This shall be an ever-growing post as I add gorgeous stuff I stumble across.  Just because. 

The first entry comes from a shop in the Cocon building on Karasuma dori just south of Shijo dori on the western side of the street (where I am often found buying incense from LISN - one of my favourite contemporary Kyoto shops - unfortunately they don't allow photos... but I am working on it!) - anyway I digress... 

How gorgeous are these locally made purses, glasses cases and book covers? enjoy. 

ENTRY no. 2
As they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - you make your mind up about these. I have passed them many times during the last few years and have formed a morbid fascination for this artist's work. I can't say that I am drawn to them for any reason apart from the somewhat bizarre and overtly sexual nature of the sculpture  - permanently displayed on a quiet, traditional street near Kiyomizu dera (temple). An interesting contrast. 

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