Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There was a time, long ago, when I would spend hours getting primped and primed just to hang out, as a regular, in this kind of bar - let me state emphatically - those days are well and truly gone! 

Jimmy is way too hip for me - no question. If you are of a certain age you might not feel inclined to push through the models however it is a gorgeous bar and definitely worth enduring the doorman's disapproving gaze for the view alone.  As it was on the top floor of my hotel I didn't have to go far or suffer the queue so I must admit to visiting 3 times during the 2 weeks I was staying at The James. Each and every time I felt rather less than glamourous but it was fun to people watch and most importantly take in the most sensational vista! Soooo NY sweetie! Fabulous spot for FABULOUS people ( albeit a lot younger and prettier than myself and my friends!) and it was a bit of a giggle to be reminded how seriously we used to take ourselves.... ha! 

Here's a peek - both evening and late afternoon (October 2011)


  1. looks fabulous...love the sunset images & certainly looks very cool but hey who cares! in my late 30's i am now thinking i am really cool too...well not right now in my kmart nighty! great post. dayle

  2. i love hip hotels. i love staying in hotels. thank u for reminding me how much i love travelling.

  3. I am sure you look just fine in your k-mart glam Dayle! The good thing about being completely over the "cool" stage of your life is that you really don't care about the fact you aren't "Cool" - at least in the way the young and hip think of it! There is something lovely about being ahem.. middle aged (me, not you!) and looking back at all that stuff, fondly, with a sense of knowing there is so much more to come.

    Kewpie - yes, it is pretty gorgeous isn't it. It certainly is a hip hotel - but my thoughts are more hip than substance where it really counted - we had a few issues - namely being told a room with two beds had been booked then, in fact, having to share a bed with a friend for two weeks with no options. Not ideal - but we coped. If you are interested -I have a few more pics from another bar/dining option in the hotel which I will add shortly - actually the food was pretty good - both in-room dining and the restaurant.