Friday, November 11, 2011

The Spotted Pig - NYC

I wish three things for this post:

One - that the lighting was better. 

Two - that I had been sober enough to a) more fully enjoy what was some kick-arse food and b) to have taken some shots that weren't completely out of focus. 

Three - that I could show you the post dinner pics too!

A most talented and very generous chef was to blame - actually two very talented and generous chefs!! However I suppose one must accept some accountability in these matters. 

See what you can make out from the dodgy photos. All I can say is GO GO GO - The Spotted Pig rocks. Lovely old rickety English pub vibe with a totally laid back crowd but EXCELLENT food and cocktails. An absolute gem.  

Please understand that the pics do not, in any way do the food justice!

The gorgeous Lindy Thompson and uber talented Thai Food expert and chef -the lovely David Thompson - no relation!
The skate was superb! One of the most delicious things I have eaten for some time - perfectly cooked, sauced in brown butter, pan juices etc. Spot on. 
Ah, one of the dangerous cocktails...



  1. i think the images are is hard when you are enjoying yourself to remember to pick up the camera! i remember assisting david thompson in a cooking class yrs ago at sj's...he was so funny! the class went 2hrs overtime and joan campbell kept heckling him from the front row + he fried off some chilli in a wok & the class was evacuated for 20 mins whilst the room lost the choking fumes! V amusing.

  2. Ha - I had no trouble remembering to take pics (although occasionally I am so excited about a dish I tuck in before I shoot!) but this night I was rather shaky due to the number of beverages under my belt... it was a very humorous evening indeed. I love your story - particularly the bit about the chillies - DT is a crack up. Too funny.