Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Cookshop is a lovely spot for lunch and I hear from a friend that the brunch is really wonderful too.  We experienced fresh flavours, lots of excellent salads and vegetable dishes alongside very fine quality, simply served, astutely cooked meaty goodness. (except the chicken which was a tad overcooked but it was really a minor glitch in the scheme of things).
Hudson Valley chicken breast salad with golden raisins and sherry vinaigrette
Cookshop mezze of autumnal goodness
Fingerlakes grass fed sirloin steak salad

The menu had so many items that were precisely what we were all in the mood for after some higher fat/fried goodies - I thought I would give you a closer look. It all just sounded so lovely: 

Starters below
Sandwiches and salads menu below
Stone oven and grill below
and speaking of which... this was pretty sexy
Just wish we had room for dessert... now that's where it all got a bit naughty - but oh my, sounded goooooood
We really should have tried one.... we would have walked it off on The high line... which is only a few metres away. I highly recommend combining the two on the same day - bliss. 

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