Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surprise sidestep en-route to Wholefoods

I was eagerly searching for a Wholefoods, having never actually been in one before, and along the way found a most surprising boardwalk. Even though I have also never been to LA (apart from the airport on several occasions...) I did feel suddenly as though I was on the West coast of America - not the western edge of Manhattan. I don't know how new or newly refurbished this is but I had certainly not come across it in previous trips to New York.  OK, so the last visit was 12 years ago and anything could have happened in that time. Or.. perhaps I am just not very observant. This area is basically on the border of Tribeca and Battery Park and it was a fantastic spot for a stroll in the sun on a gorgeous October afternoon. 

Anyway.. back to Wholefoods. 
Very happy to finally report I have ventured forth and walked the halls of the Tribeca store and it is rather impressive. Great produce, very well displayed and lots of lovely (organic, well sourced, eco friendly, fair tradey) things I would love to have stocking my kitchen cupboards  - but seriously - who needs 50 different kinds of hummus? Talk about spoilt for choice. I'm not complaining - I'd love a Wholefoods near me one day if anyone is listening  - but it just felt a tad excessive. I think this one store had enough hummus for the entire population of Manhattan.  Well here's hoping it all gets gobbled up. 

Coffe, cinnamon or fig flavoured breakfast cheese??... yum!
Salads in bags and 5000 different salad dressings... just saying...
mmmm... potato bread hotdog buns...
These are all different varieties of Turkey meat

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