Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breakfast at Iyemon Salon

Although it is a tea salon Iyemon is one of the few places open early (8am) for brekkie in downtown Kyoto.  In fact it is rather difficult to come across a decent cafe breakfast in Kyoto - there are a few boulangerie and fast food joints of course but I am on a mission to find alternatives for when I have an early start away from home. 

If you are staying in a hotel or ryokan you will have other options of course. And if you are in an apartment - well all the usual western stuff is available if you look for it - including yoghurt (easy to find in supermarkets), cereal, very good quality breads and pastries, jams, eggs, bacon, veges etc. And of course you could have miso shiru (soup), rice, fish, natto and veges if you want to break the fast a little more traditionally!
Iyemon Salon is quite a large space but is popular and fills up quickly  - however there wont be much of a wait for a table so stick around if you do find it full.  It is quite a relaxing spot for that part of the city so make the most of it and take a book along - it seemed to be the thing to do. And they top up your glass with tea at regular intervals so its a bit of a bargain! 
Scrambled egg and pork sandwich - sounded just fine to me for brekkie! a litle potato salad and greenery on the side - and an iced coffee. I'm a bit addicted to coffee with ice in it at the moment but that will change over the next month or two as the days grow cooler. Can't wait! love my winter! 
If you order Matcha/Maccha the staff will prepare it in front of you. Lovely.
 You can also purchase their own branded tea and there are a few cookbooks and tea related paraphernalia on a table near the entrance. 


  1. looks wonderful...such a change to what is on offer breakfast wise for us. love the look of the eggy sandwich! dayle

  2. Hey Dayle, yes an interesting take on the bacon and egg sandwich... just a slight variation. ha! And not at all Japanese of course. This was the western brekkie however they did have a japanese option available. And would likely have consisted of grilled fish, rice, raw egg, veg/seaweed etc. Check out the link they have pics there. hope all is well. J

  3. Anne Carolyn LawsonNovember 3, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I'd like to try that brekkie one day thanks Janey. Love mum

  4. Wow mum - your first comment on my blog!! only taken you a year! ha. We can go there for breakfast one day. See you real soon xx